About US / 梅山學校介紹

Murray Hill Chinese School (MHCS) was founded at Murray Hill, New Jersey in February 1983, and was thus named. There were 30 students divided into 3 classes. The classes were held at St. John´s Lutheran Church in Summit. As the school grew, MHCS moved to Faith Lutheran Church in Murray Hill in 1985. The cultural classes started that year as well. In the fall of 1989, MHCS moved to New Providence High School. It remained there until the fall of 1997, when MHCS moved yet again to Watchung Hill Regional High School to accommodate growth.

MHCS now has 23 language classes: 13 in the traditional immersion track (Pre-K, K, 1st-10th grade and AP classes), there are 8 children's Bilingual classes (K, 1st-7th grade), and 2 adult Bilingual classes. The student enrollment is about 400. We strive to help create a mainstream value system of Chinese origin in culture, politics, economy, education, and all aspects of society.

We attribute the continuous growth and outstanding reputation to not only the hard work of past principals, teachers, and administrative staffs, but also to the enthusiastic parents´ support and service to the school, and their involvement in their children´s education.
梅山中文學校成立於1983年 2月。 創校時人數 30人﹐共分三班。成立之後學校陸續成長﹐目前學生人數約400人。分語文班和文化班。語文班有 23 班: 中文教學 13 班 (Pre-K,K, Grade 1-10) 雙語班 8 班 (K, Grade 1-7), 成人雙語 2 班 ﹐文化班有 29 班: (學童21班, 成人8班)。 目前校址位於新澤西州 Watchung Hills Regional 高中。

1992年2月本校加入中美文化協會 (Chinese American Culture Association, 簡稱 CACA) 成為團體會員。CACA 旗下共有五所中文學校和三個俱樂部。五所中文學校包括﹕新澤西中部﹑聯合﹑四健會﹑愛迪生及梅山。三個俱樂部是青少年﹑婦女會及長青會。

回顧多年來﹐ 梅山之所以能不斷成長茁壯﹐建立起傑出校譽﹐除了須歸功於歷屆校長﹐老師及工作人員之 辛苦﹐更要感謝的是熱心家長們對於學校的支持及對孩子們不懈的輔導與督促。 梅山所從事的不只是中文的教學﹐對於下一代的華裔子弟﹐我們會以傳遞文化薪火為期許﹐要讓孩子們以華裔為榮﹐在新世界中開創一道華裔文化﹑政治﹑經濟﹑教 育以及各個層面之主流。我們誠摯希望諸位廠商朋友加入梅山師生及工作人員的行列﹐以財力支持我們﹐盡一份心力﹐為此崇高目標努力不懈。