Our Mission / 本校宗旨

  • Murray Hill Chinese School is a non-profit organization actively promoting Chinese education and Sino-American culture exchange. 
  • While teaching Chinese Mandarin, we introduce Chinese history, humanity, heritage, and values to local communities. 
  • We serve people of all ethnical background and fully respect their diversity. 
  • Continuous enhancement to teaching quality and effectiveness is the core mission of the Language Department. 
  • Our teaching plan is designed to build fun dynamics into learning, and to provide an environment where students can present and project what they have learned. 
  • ACTFL standards are the guiding principles of our teaching methods and material. 
  • Built upon a solid foundation laid by 20 plus years of parent volunteers with determination and professionalism, Murray Hill Chinese School has earned a reputation for its outstanding quality. Such a success is the best demonstration of community service and organizational skills that influence young generations. We hope that every student will not only learn to appreciate ancient wisdom of the East, but also enjoy a life-long benefit from the education and friendship gained over the 10 years in MHCS.
  • 梅山中文學校為一非營利之教育文化組織。 
  • 本校傳授中國語文, 介紹中華民族的歷史人文和優良傳統價值。 
  • 我們服務的對象遍及不同族裔, 我們尊重並照顧學生們不同的需求。 
  • 維持並改進教學品質是語文教學部門最重要的課題。 
  • 活動和教案的設計務求趣味活潑, 提供指導和舞台讓學生發揮所學。 
  • 調整教學方式和內容使之符合美國外語教學協會 ACTFL 所制訂的學習標準。 
  • 本校健全的制度和優良形象乃二十多年來各梯次的家長們施展非專職卻專業的義工精神所致。這寶貴的經驗就是給孩子們最好的身教。期許每位學生在梅山十年能結識影響一生的良師益友, 並體會中華文化之博大精深及文學之美。