School Events / 校內活動

Holy Name Medical Center invites you to a Free Health Screening at Murray Hill Chinese School.

Date: Saturday, 10/29/16, 12:30-3:30PM

Place: Student Lounge

Purpose: Chinese Medical Program Seminar and Free Health Screening. Blood Pressure, Nutrition Advice, Body Composition, Blood Screening, and more to be offered!

See Flyer for details and please contact for questions.

2015/5/16 Week 14 Newsletter - MHCS

MHCS 2015-2016 Registration

Please continue to spread the words about our school.  We continue to accept registration from now through September.  See attached flyer.  Please post it on your Community Forum facebook page, local area pre-schools/ schools, libraries, Chinese Restaurants or any other places to attract students/parents to our school.  We are a volunteer-operated school and we need all the resources we can get.  Your help is greatly appreciated.


2015-2016 New Culture Classes


素描及水彩課程 - 十歲以上的孩子,文化課多了一個選項, 愛好藝術的孩子不可錯過。

成人扯鈴 – 不再羨慕只有孩子會拉扯鈴,只要上七堂課,學些扯鈴技巧,讓您與孩子擁有共同的興趣,歡迎踴躍報名!

國際標準舞 (成人和兒童班)將在九月開課!  歡迎踴躍報名Click for detailed schedule

New Culture Classes!   

Children’s Water coloring and Sketching class for those with love for art.  For ages 10 and up.

Adult Yo-Yo Class – Ever wonder why the children’s YoYo class is so popular?  Come try it for yourself to see how it is done! Join our Adult Yo-Yo Class in September!  No long commitment - only 7 classes and learn some cool tricks to show off to your children!

MHCS Ballroom Dancing Classes (Adult and Children) will be open in September! Register Now! Click for detailed schedule


LEGO SUMMER CAMP - 10% discount to all MHCS Families and Students

Our Culture Platters Lego teacher is offering discount to MHCS families for the Lego summer camp. See attached flyer if you are interested. Please note that MHCS is not affiliated with the camp.


2015/05/09 Week 13 Newsletter - MHCS
Parent Duty Signup
The signup page has been updated for 6/6 and 6/13. Please sign up if you haven't done so.


2015-2016 MHCS Youth Volunteer
We are now accepting 2015-2016 youth volunteer application. Please down the application via link and send to our coordinator Tiffany Lin. Please allow some time for web admin to upload updated application form and related information.


CACA Fun Day

Tickets are in sell now. Each ticket is worth $0.50. If purchased early, $10 will get you 22 tickets (two free tickets).  Please find our PR, Angela/Denise to purchase tickets.

時間 Date & Time: 5/17 Sunday 1:00-5:00 PM
地點 Location: East Brunswick Churchill Junior High School, address: 18 Norton Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816.

會長致詞 Welcome Speech

貴賓致詞 VIP Speech

各校表演節目Stage performances

頒獎典禮 Award Ceremony

2015/04/18 Week 10 Newsletter - MHCS:
2015 CACA Summer Camp Information
2015 CACA Summer Camp starts accepting registration. Please use the following web site for 2015 CACA Summer Camp information and registration forms.


Ikenobo Exhibitions by our flower arrangement teacher, Doris:

Teacher Doris will represent The Ikenobo Ikebana society to do the demonstration @ 2pm.

Blossom festival at Branch Brook Park

Time: Sunday, April 19, 2015, 11am to 5pm, the demonstration will be at 2pm.

Location: Essex County Branch Brook Park, Cherry Blossom Visitor’s Center, Mill Street Entrance, Belleville

Jenny Lin, and Li-hui Han will have their art works in the Exhibition.


Art Exhibit by Chinese Patining Teacher, Diana Kung

地點:Art Library of Rutgers University
71 Hamilton Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901


The OCA New Jersey Essay Scholarship Application is now available! This year, in addition to the OCA-NJ Chapter Scholarships & the Robert E. Wone Memorial Scholarship, OCA-NJ chapter is honored to add the inaugural Linda Lee Memorial Scholarship Award. Essays, applications & all required documents must be postmarked by April 30, 2015. Essay Scholarship Application & all info are also available on the OCA-NJ website at
The 14th Annual Asian Pacific American Heritage Celebration Luncheon to honor the OCA-NJ Essay Scholarship winners & interns will be held on Sunday, June 7, 2015 at the Ichiban Grill & Buffet in Wayne, N.JAttendance at this luncheon is required to be awarded the scholarships. 


Chinese Medical Program
心臟健康和癌症最新篩檢講座-星期六, 4/25

Every year the Chinese Medical Program organizes health workshop for the Chinese community.  Our 5th Annual Health workshop will be held on 4/25 at Jireh Church. Registration is required before 4/18/15.  They can either email to Angela Lee or call 732-923-5057 to register.
我是李安琪華人醫療服務部誠摯邀請您參加第五屆醫療講座: 因座位有限,請報名從速,即日起開始報名 4/18/2015 
日期:    425日(星期六)
地點: 澤恩堂教會
              55 Vanderburg Rd, Marlboro, NJ 07746
時間: 9 am – 12 noon

2015/03/28 Week 9 Newsletter - MHCS:

School Calendar
Please note that we have extended school calendar to 6/13/2015 for snow day makeup. All activities scheduled on 6/6 are moved to 6/13. Final exam for language classes is moved to 6/6.

Parent Duty
If you have not signed up yet, please do so through Parent Duty signup link here or school website. We need your help. Thanks.

Tzu Chi Cup Chinese Speech Competition
Please see the attached English and Chinese invitation. Tzu Chi Chinese School offers registration extension to MHCS students. Please contact me bySaturday (3/28/2015) if you are interested. 

Upcoming events

3/28/2015 ANJCS Yo-Yo Contest

3/28/2015 Metlife Financial Planning Seminar

3/28/2015 JEI Warren Learning Center Informational 

Presented by seasoned financial advisor Ms. 
Li Ching Jung

Time: 1pm-2pm; Location: Rm107


Time: 12.30pm-3pm; 

Location: Cafeteria

4/18/2015 Academic Contest

4/19/2015 ANJCS Multimedia Presentation Contest

4/25/2015 ANJCS Speech Contest

Files are ready for all parents. Please bring

your own drive (USB flash drive recommended) with 25 GB 

free space and drop it in main office to Mei Yueh this weekend. 

We will copy the files for you and return the drive next week. 

(Accepting the drives until 4/18)

Academic Contest – 4/18/15. 

Academic Contest will be held at 12:40 pm in your current

classroom. This contest is mandatory for all students. 

Zhuyin contest: Traditional classes, grades 1 and 2. 

Pinyin contest: Bilingual classes 1 and 2. 

Chinese character writing dictation: Traditional classes, 

grades 3 ~ 6 and Bilingual classes 3 & 4. 

Chinese Typing contest: Traditional classes, grade 7 ~ 10, 

and Bilingual classes 5 ~ 8 (students bring your own laptops 

and power cords).

You can contact the Deputy Language Dean Menghsin Li at with any questions you 

may have regarding the above academic contests.

Chinese New Year Dinner Party The Chinese New Dinner Party will be held from 4:30 p.m-6:30pm after Chinese New Year Performance on 2/28 at WHRHS cafeteria. Come join the fun!! Enjoy a Yummy Dinner, Games, Prizes and Raffles!! Please go to school website and download the registration form. 
Dinner catered by Asian Delight of Bernardsville 
新年聚餐和抽獎活動,時間為四點三十分。希望您在羊年-2015 年喜氣洋洋、事業輝煌,並且身體康健,闔家平安。請至學校 網站下載晚宴登記表格‧
  • 脆皮全魚 (Fried Whole Fish) 
  • 炸子全雞 (Fried Whole Chicken) 
  • 櫻花蝦 (Sakura Shrimp) 
  • 一鍋豬排 (Wok’s Pork Chop) 
  • 芥蘭牛 (Beef and Broccoli) 
  • 金磚豆腐 (Golden Nugget Tofu) 
  • 素撈麵 (Vegetable Lo Mein) 
  • 芥蘭菜 (Chinese Broccoli) 
  • 素壽司 (Vegetable Sushi Rolls) 
  • 四喜拼盤 (Chinese Appetizer Platter) 
  • 甜點 (Dessert) 
  • 白飯飲品 (White Rice & Soda Included) 
10 People per table 
We encourage you to “order by table” for seating purposes. 
  • $130 per table 
Or order per person 
  • 12 yrs and older $16 
  • Children (5-11 yrs) $12
  • Under 5 is free. 
Payment: Please make checks payable to MHCS

MHCS 2013 Chinese New Year Celebration Dinner
Date/Time:    Saturday, 2/2/13    4:30am-6:30pm
Location:        Student Lounge/Cafeteria

2012 Food Festival
Date/Time:    Saturday 12/1/12    11:30am-2:00pm
Location:        Student Lounge/Cafeteria
Please join us for lunch on Saturday December 1st from 11:30-2:00pm. Donate your best dishes as well as come sample other yummy Chinese treats.  Bring your friends and relatives to this special fundraising event!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
2012 MHCS Fun Day 
Date/Time:     Saturday 6/9/2012   12:45-3:00pm
Location:         Gym 1 & 2 (North building Basketball Gym)
Please register by Saturday June 2nd to get a game card to redeem for prizes.
*Registration link is located on the home page on the left, under MHCS Fun Day Register Here!

MHCS Open House
Date/Time - 4/28 Saturday, 12:30 to 3:30 p.m.
Location -
Exhibition - 12:30 to 3:30

We will showcase class works and products from language and culture classes

Program and Performance -
1:00 to 3:15 

1:00 - 2:15 Special Presentation
on Identity Theft by Cochi Ho, former FBI agent
2:15 - 3:15 Performance
    2:20  - 2:30  Adult Tai Chi
    2:30  - 2:40  Children Kung Fu
    2:40  - 2:50  Children Dance
    2:50  - 3:00  Yo Yo
    3:00  - 3:10  China Youth Orchestra 


為讓美國的華裔學生對台灣現代舞及雲門舞集有一初步了解,本次雲門2的編舞家布拉瑞揚特於2/4 來到梅山中文學校,為我們中文學校的學生作一說明及示範



時間:2/4/2012    2:40 3:30,  Room#:學生餐廳




Cloud Gate 2 Dance Theater:   On 2/4/2012, MHCS has the honor of offering a seminar by the world renown Choreographer ByLare Yaung of Cloud 2 dance theater.  This program will be available and be presented before making they make their NYC debut at the Joyce Theater.  This visual and audio seminar will present the process and the making of the Cloud Gate 2 production.  This is an extraordinary opportunity for our students (6 grade and above) and parents to meet with the talented artists from Taiwan.  The seminar will take place on 2/4/2012 at 2:40-3:30.  Room:  student lounge

For detail information please visit their website at:

7/26/2010-7/30/2010 CACA Chinese Culture Camp

7/12/2010-7/23/2010 MHCS Chinese Summer Camp

5/16/2010 1pm-5pm CACA Fun Day 2010