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Kevin是新泽西桥水镇10年级学, 他学业优秀,但不幸患了恶性程度很高的急性骨髓性白血病, 目前病情危急!只有找到相配的骨髓捐献者救 Kevin的生命。恳求您参加以下骨髓捐献配对活动:

          日期 :             Saturday, 10/17/09

          时间:             12:30-3:30 pm

          地点:             Murray Hill Chinese School, Cafeteria (north side)

                                108 Stirling Road, Warren, NJ 07059

                                      (捐献者必须是 18 60岁之间)

       滴髓之恩 涌泉相报


CAMMY LEE血癌基金                                                  BE THE MATCH

800-77-CAMMY                                                                       800-MARROW-2                                                                             


郭漪萍女士联络, 201-887-6776,








1. 在表上填写性别、身高、体重

2. 注明您的族裔

3. 提供两位不与您居住在一起的家人或朋友的联系方式

4. 对您的病历或献血历史等问题作出“是/否”回答

5. 签名

6. 将表格交给志愿者













1. 请您妥善保存您的捐赠人记录卡与捐赠同意书

2. 如果您的地址有变化,请与全美骨髓捐赠项目(NMDP)联系,电话号码可在记录卡中找到

3. 如果您的HLA(人类白细胞抗原)与患者配型相同(几率通常很小),NMDP会与您联络,并作进一步的医学测试,以确保供者、受者的HLA配型完全相同

4. 如果您同意捐献,将有一些常规医疗程序来进行移植。由于人体内造血干细胞骨髓具有很强的自我复制的再生能力,捐献后您将很快恢复正常

5. 最重要的是,捐赠骨髓无损捐赠人的身体健康;而对化疗失败的白血病人来说,骨髓移植是唯一挽救他们生命的途径


Q & A on Marrow and Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Donation

Why register as a marrow or stem cell donor?

  • Every day thousands of patients who need a life-saving transplant search for a marrow donor. 
  • Asians represent a small pool of donors in the National Marrow Donor Program.  This makes it more difficult for an Asian patient, who has a blood disease, such as leukemia, to find someone who has a similar or same marrow type - HLA

Who should join?

  • Anyone between ages of 18-60,  in good health,  and willing to donate marrow or stem cells to anyone

How to join?

  • Fill out the registration form
  • Cheek swab the four corners of your mouth

What’s next?

  • Your swabs will be tested for your tissue type and listed in the National Marrow Donor Program  Registry
  • If you are a potential match, the National Marrow Donor Program will ask you for a blood sample or another cheek swab to determine if you are the best possible match for a patient,
  • If the match is confirmed, the NMDP will schedule an informational session and a physical exam for you.
  • The patient’s doctor will request either marrow or stem cells (PBSC) peripheral blood stem cell donation.

What is HLA?

  • HLA stands for Human Leukocyte Antigen. HLA testing determines whether a donor and patient is a good match.

How to donate stem cells and any side effects?

  • This is NON surgical procedure
  • Donors will receive daily injections for five days called filgrastim to increase the number blood forming stem cells
  • Your blood will be removed through a needle in one arm and passed through a machine that separates out the stem cells.  The remaining blood is returned through the other arm. This process is called apheresis.
  • You may experience headache or bone or muscle aches with the filgrastim and disappear shortly after donation

How to donate marrow and any side effect?

  • This is an out-patient surgical procedure and you will receive anesthesia
  • The doctor will use needles to withdraw liquid marrow from the back of pelvic bone
  • You may experience sourness in your lower back for a few days. Your body replaces the marrow you donated

Do donors pay for the procedures?

  • NO.  The patients insurance will cover any over night stays after marrow donation.

Do donors get paid?

  • NO.  This is entirely voluntary

For more questions: and, or attend the Q&A session at each marrow drive at your school community.

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