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Tina Lin (林慧婷)
Bilingual - Advanced

Tina’s family joined Murray Hill Chinese School in 2001 and she has held various teaching and administrative positions since then. She taught Chinese language to children in the traditional track from 2003 to 2005 and has been teaching the bilingual students from 2007 to now. During the 2006-2007 year, she was the Dean of the Language Program for the MHCS. She has additional teaching experience in other organizations, with students of different ages - from pre-school children and elementary students to adults. Tina has taught at the Children's Sunday School at her church and conducted numerous training sessions as part of her work in the accounting and finance profession. Tina's solid teaching experience and her passion for education continue to sustain and accelerate the success and growth of the bilingual language courses at MHCS.
Master Zhao Liang Yin (趙良蔭師傅)
Adult Tai Chi 太極拳, Children Kong-fu 兒童功夫





Hired by Physical Education Committee of Guangzhou, China, Master Zhao started his Tai Chi teaching career in 1976. In the 80’s and early 90’s, Master Zhao worked as judge or judge master in many martial arts and Tai Chi competitions.

In the 80’s, Master Zhao was further trained and fine-tuned his Tai Chi fist and weapon forms by many famous Tai Chi Grand Masters like Gu Liu Xing, Wan Wen De, Lei Mu Ni, Wu Yin Hua, Ma Yue Liang, Yang Zhen Duo, Sun Jian Yun, and Li Tian Ji.

After Master Zhao came to the US in 1997, he has been teaching Tai Chi classes in the NYU Sports Center, the New York City Chinatown Tai Chi Club, and New Jersey Chinese schools.
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